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investing in the future of street children

Addicted to Abuse

“In an unwell person, it is most often not the body that is sick but the soul. Such a soul demands something from the soul of the community, and the treatment needs to be sought at the level of the relationship with others.”

Dr. Raymond Johnson

"I sniff glue so I can forget the world, I don’t think about home, nothing."

Jamal, 13 years old

Solvents can kill the 1st, 2nd or 100th time they are taken.

All children who inhale are at risk of Sudden Death Syndrome.

The children that stagger the streets, day and night, their noses buried in bags of glue, make up approximately 98% of Moroccan street children.

Why do they inhale these toxins?

  • To numb their hunger pains and feelings of cold
  • To counter balance feelings of rejection and inadequacy
  • To block out past and present memories of physical and sexual abuse

Boys sniffing glue

What are the affects?

Once the solvents are inhaled the user will almost instantly begin to feel ‘high’. They are also likely to experience difficulty in breathing, distorted vision, dizziness, impaired judgement, delirium and even hallucinations.

Stop Sniffing GlueThe Dangers

Brain Damage
Hearing Loss
Cardiac Arrest (Death)
Muscle Wasting
Kidney Damage
Liver Damage
Lung Damage
Fatal Freezing of Air Passages


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