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investing in the future of street children


"To preserve knowledge and enable it to travel throughout time, entrust it to children"

African Proverb

Young boy and girl

The key to successfully rehabilitating and reintegrating street children lies in research, with such research we can provide real recommendations to our partners and other NGOs.

Obstacles to rehabilitation for street children in Morocco

MA International Child Health, University College London, September 2009

by Maiya Ahmed – Head of Child Health & Research, Walou

"The aims of this project where to identify, describe and produce findings of why street children who have spent time in rehabilitation centres decide to leave and return to life on the streets, and some decide to stay. The study compared the thoughts of children living in rehabilitation centres to children living on the streets."

Street Children Education: Challenges and Prospects, A Case Study in Morocco

MA in Education and International Development, Institute of Education, University of London, September 2010

by Zineb Gormat- Regional Advocate, Walou

“It is uncommon for street children to be asked about what they need to learn; let alone why they need to learn. A discussion on the school reintegration of street children shed the light on the importance of examining children's experiences within schools as well teachers and peers' attitudes in order to fully understand their exclusion and its impact on their educational outcomes.”

If you would like the full version of the above research projects please email;

Maiya Ahmed

Head of Child Health & Research


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