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investing in the future of street children

Our Approach

"When you have a child, it’s not just your child. It’s the child of the community. From birth onward the mother is not the only one who can look after that child. Anybody else can feed and nurture the child"

Sobunfu Some

Three little girls playing

Walou aims not only to make to an immediate impact on the lives of street children but to create real sustainable solutions for them and their communities.

Raising Awareness

The issue of street children worldwide has reached such an unprecedented scale, that as a global society we take it as a sad reality and a norm of the world we live in, and as a result we have become desensitised. We aim to raise awareness about their daily struggles, thoughts and sentiments in order to change our perceptions of them and our attitude towards them. Only then can we really tackle the issue as a whole.


Continuous research into the issue of street children is vital as we can assess their needs and design and implement successful programmes for them. This research can be shared and exchanged with other organisations across the globe -creating models of best practice.

Capacity Building

We work directly with partners on the ground in order to utilise the best skills, knowledge and experience in this field. Combined with our knowledge and research we help to build their capacity and ensure their needs are met.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Any programmes that we implement are continuously monitored to ensure that we are achieving positive outcomes and making a difference to these children’s lives.


We complete due diligence checks on any partners and have stringent financial checking systems in place to ensure that every last penny form our supporters is spent investing in the future of these children.


Donate Now
Donate Now

100% Voluntary
We are made up of only volunteers, which means your donation will be used for directly supporting the children of Morocco. Please, donate now.

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